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Proofreading, Copy-editing, and Academic Writing Feedback services

When you are submitting your academic dissertations, theses, and essays, the presentation and writing quality are key to your success. We will make sure your work can be read easily and clearly. We are here to ensure your work conforms to the required standards of academic writing, so your dissertation or essay can be submitted confidently. At The Writing Lab, your hard work is in our safe hands.


At The Writing Lab, we are a family team of academic and editing professionals. We have over thirty years of teaching, writing, copy-editing, and proofreading experience between us, so your work is in safe (and meticulous) hands!


Simply contact us for a quote at, with a sample of your work, then make the payment via PayPal, and send us your full document. We will then return your work to you via email within the agreed timeframe.

How do we work?


We provide general proofreading (presentation, grammar, spelling and punctuation errors); copy-editing suggesting changes in order to provide the required academic tone, and in-depth proofreading and copy-editing (suggesting improvements of the work’s logical structure, reordering paragraphs, etc). We also offer a separate service - an in-depth academic critique of your work before you complete your submission, to improve critical and analytical writing, focus, and flow as you develop your work.

See below for examples of our services, and information on our prices here.

How long does it take?


Once we have received and approved your sample (see below), for the Proofreading and Copy-editing services and the separate Academic Writing Feedback service, we recommend the following timeframes:

  • Reports and essays (2500-5000 words): 2-3 working days

  • Longer reports and essays (up to 8000 words): up to 5 working days 

  • Dissertations and theses (8000-15000 words): up to 10 working days

  • Longer dissertations and theses (over 15000 words): up to 14 working days


For emergency Proofreading and Copy-editing or Academic Writing Feedback critiques of less than 48 hours, a charge of 25% will be applied to all price and word length options. 

Please note that these indicative time estimates are based on the moment when the manuscript is accepted for processing by us. Please email us if you need more information on the quotes. 

Sounds great! How do I book your services?


For a precise quote, we will need to read a sample of your work (Word, OpenOffice. or PDF) to determine the required timeframe and cost. Please email us with the sample and your word count at with ‘The Writing Lab - quote’ in the subject line. We will reply as soon as possible with our suggested fee and turnaround time.

Please note: after submitting your work to us for processing, any later revisions of the document should be clearly communicated via email and clearly marked in a timely fashion; depending on the volume of work, an extra charge might be required.

Do remember to check if any of our seasonal discount offers apply!

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