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Here at The Writing Lab’s we are also in the business of helping writers – aspiring and published – follow their dreams, enabling them to bring their words to light and find new readers.


You might need help in preparing your manuscript prior to submission to agents or publishing houses; you might decide to make your own way as an independent author and self-publish.


Whichever might be the case, we can assist you with affordable, friendly publishing services:

  • professional advice on self-publishing;

  • proofreading;

  • copy-editing;

  • editing;

  • advice on ISBN assignation;

  • assignation of ISBN via UK-based publishing collective AF Publishers (Nielsen Reg. No. 978-1-908949)

  • page setting and type setting;

  • e-book generating (for Kindle and other e-readers);

  • cover design.


Your years of hard work in order to tell your story can easily be shaped into an electronic or physical volume, according to your desires.

Drop us a line at mentioning “Publishing” in the title, and tell us a little about you and your work, as well as about what services you require. This is a service tailored to your needs – it is also fast and affordable, let’s talk!

* * * * 

A testimonial from author Monty Waldin on Mike's previous work:

I had the Kindle edition of [...] a book I self-published [...] set up for me by a designer called Mike Risnoveanu. He did set everything up for me in a very efficient way. [...] From start to finish it took three days, with a bit of minor fiddling later...

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