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How much will this cost?

We offer competitive prices per thousand words of your work. The cost of our services depends on your requirements, and on the level of your written English. We offer two sets of services for you: Proofreading and Copy-editing on finished work, and Academic Writing feedback critique on work in progress. 


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1. Proofreading for native English speakers

£14.00 per 1000 words 

For this, our service includes for your consideration: checking the overall presentation; correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors; suggesting some changes in order to provide the required academic tone. A high level of proficiency in written English would also suit this service.


2. Proofreading and copy-editing for non-native English speakers

£18.00 per 1000 words

Here, our service will include for your consideration correcting the language itself plus the services above. We will also suggest restructuring some phrases in order to improve readability and overall writing quality. 

3. Extensive proofreading and copy-editing

£22.00 per 1000 words

This offer includes our services above plus structural and targeted copy-editing suggestions for your consideration, such as removing repetition, changes to logical structure and edits, reordering paragraphs. Should you need it, we can also provide formatting for publication for an additional fee. 

Academic Writing Feedback

£23.00 per 1000 words


Many non-native English speaking students receive general feedback from tutors after submission that they need to improve their academic writing, but not specifying how! 

In this separate offer for dissertations only, we will review your work in terms of the quality of the academic writing: how critical and analytical your writing is in your overall submission. We will make suggestions for your consideration throughout each page plus provide a detailed one-page report on how you can improve your analytical and critical writing. 


Please note that this is a separate academic service to proofreading, and your dissertation can be submitted at any stage to us for in-depth academic feedback on how you can improve your writing overall.


Recommended: Complete Services Package


Book a dissertation Academic Writing Feedback critique and Extensive proofreading and copy-editing service to help you achieve your best grade for a 15% discount on the total price. 


Please note that other discount promotions cannot be added to this offer.


* Please note that references lists and bibliographies are dealt with separately. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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